ENB's Nutcracker at the Coliseum

"On the first night, Maria Kochetkova was a vivacious Clara. She has a sweeping line, and dances with expansive glee." Independent
"With the exception of Maria Kochetkova's fleet Clara and Fernando Bufala's whipcrack Russian, the performances tended to be fine rather than great..." Telegraph
"All this is achieved partly by the prominence given throughout to Drosselmeyer, presented as showman, magician and also storyteller. Fabian Reimair, good-looking and surprisingly young for this role, played it on opening night with cheerful charm, making much of a strong personality and polished technique. Young Maria Kochetkova matched him equally as the heroine, little Clara - a real poppet." Stage
"Maria Kochetkova made an elegant debut in Clara's russet bob and white satin pyjamas, skimming through feathery lifts with Yat-Sen Chang's springy Nutcracker prince." Financial Times
Rehearsal of Sugar Plum Fairy fuettes after matinee performance of Clara: