San Francisco Ballet at 75 - Diamond Gala

La Esmeralda pas de deux reviews:
"Meanwhile fellow Cuban Joan Boada struck up a heated new partnership with Kochetkova, he dashing with usual recklessness through tours while she delighted the standing-room die-hards with her fouette turns, not only tossing in ample doubles but rotating her spot (a gyroscopic feat much harder than it looks)." San Francisco Chronicle
"Petite and lightning-fast Maria Kochetkova, who joined the troupe last fall, has found a congenial partner in Joan Boada. Their pas de deux from "La Esmeralda" sparkled with whipping turns, flying jetés and an insouciant sense of competition." San Jose Mercury News
"In the boy-and-girl-outdo-each-other category, Joan Boada and company newcomer Maria Kochetkova both showed world-class technique and consummate artistry in the classic 'La Esmeralda' pas de deux." The Examiner