Giselle: San Francisco Ballet in Washington DC

©Erik Tomasson I'll be dancing the opening night of Giselle with Joan Boada on the 28th November at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. I'm also dancing 'Within the Golden Hour' on the 25th November. Giselle reviews:
"During its Friday night opening, the young Miss Kochetkova had the ethereal grace, lovely line and strong technique for the part. She is an entrancing Giselle at the beginning of her career and undoubtedly will make her own distinctive mark as she grows in the role." The Washington Times
"The coveted opening night of "Giselle" is going to a relative newcomer to the company, Maria Kochetkova. "She's a very young Russian girl who's been with me over a year now," says Mr. Tomasson, 66. "She is absolutely beautiful in 'Giselle,' and I'm having her dance opening night because she hasn't been seen here before."" The Washington Times
"Maria Kochetkova's Giselle was all delicacy, with exquisitely formed positions and toes of steel." The Washington Post
Within the Golden Hour reviews:
"In the third duet, the amazing Maria Kochetkova and Joan Boada, illuminated by a subtle blue light, mirrored each other’s steps with carefree spontaneity in what looked like a game or contest."
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